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Topic: Church

June 12, 2006

Female Pastors

No amount of textual gymnastics and humanistic compromise will actually change the fact that women cannot possibly be ordained to the office of pastor-teacher without violating God's Word.... Slice it here.... ... more

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The Business of the Church

Sales Baptisms are down so why not try something new? How about a contemporary service:"I didn't want it, didn't like it ... knew I wouldn't like it," Lincoln said of adding a contemporary service at his church in 2000. "I... ... more

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June 10, 2006

Episcopal Church Continues Slide into Irrelevance

The U.S. Episcopal Church faces a fractious debate next week over the controversy caused by the desecration consecration of the church's first openly gay bishop, which has rubbed raw relations with fellow Anglicans worldwide. The denomination is working on proposals... ... more

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June 06, 2006

A conduit to mysticism?

There is a virtual disdain of theology, doctrine and the transcendence of God by many in mainstream churches. Ironically, those expressing these sentiments often think of themselves as cutting edge or radical when in reality they are one among many... ... more

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